Auguste Rodin

When looking for guidance in my sculptural work, I always turn to Rodin. I first encountered his work at the V&A and was struck by their turbulence and movement.

I often draw the works twice (as above, The Scream) using different mediums and scales.

Rodin's work never fails to shock me, displaying the figure at its most physical, expressions of anger, raw lust, wasting age (The Old Courtesan, above), cowed muscular strength (Adam, below). Even though Rodin is very much a part of the art 'establishment', or canon, his work remains fresh to me.

In the absence of a life model, I turn to Rodin's sculptures as a substitute, often finding more inspiration than in the real thing.

These drawings were made from a book, but I do hope to visit the Museum of Rodin in Paris before the end of 2014, to draw his work in the round.


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