Sketching London

I have been drawing more in London with the Royal Drawing School.  Its been great to draw alongside other artists and share ideas and materials. I've become bolder about drawing whatever catches my eye, I'm less self conscious about getting my sketchbook out.

Marble Arch in the rain
Above, on the right side is a homeless boy, no more than fourteen; he was sitting still whilst the crowds passed him by. His sleeping bag was damp from the rain on the pavement.

Lincolns Inn Fields
I have been mixing mediums, using charcoal, fountain pen, grey wash pen and white paint pen. Often I work over and over the drawing until I find what I'm looking for.

Cafe in Lincolns Inn Fields
Here I used chalk to pick out the bright tones of the arched windows.

Weighouse Street
 I drew this on a brighter day, the colours were singing.