Bethlem Residency: Relics

During my time at Bethlem I have been gathering objects I find in the grounds. This is a habit I picked up from mudlarking. As I sneak bits of rubbish into my pockets I also think of Elsie, who did the same. 

In these discarded bits of rubbish I see relics. In the same way someone might save a drinks can from a celebrity, I save these items to trace the daily movement of patients through the hospital. Most of these items were found on the road leading up to the front gates of Bethlem; this is because many of the items are not allowed on site. 

- A red pill bag
- A small glass bottle with a hole in the bottom (used as a crack pipe?)
- Three boxes of matches, one with a live catapillar inside
- Four lottery tickets, none of them winning
- A lighter with a pink cannabis leaf on it
- A yellow workman's glove smelling of beer
- A blue hair net
- A Christmas present label to Amy from Jane
- A nox bottle
- Two old glass milk bottles filled with soil (found in the woods)
- Two round plastic counters shaped like burgers, marked 1 and 2