Bethlem Residency: Finished Quilt

The quilt is finished! It is so great to see it all come together, and be able to read the individual panels as a whole rather than fragments. I left the edges rough and chose not to back it - I didn't want it to look too 'finished'. 

It was great to see it hung on the wall and under professional gallery lighting. Alongside it are shown my portrait, Elsie's portrait and an iPad scrolling through Elsie's original hospital notes. I chose the title 'Dry Wrap' - a form of restraint used in the 1800's where a patient would lie in bed and be wrapped in blankets and quilts to prevent them from moving.

The final stage of the artwork has been showing it to others - quite an exposing step. But it has been so interesting to have conversations with people about the quilt - they have been so insightful. It often seems to touch on their own experiences of mental illness, or those of their loved ones.


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