Bethlem Residency: Replies to medical notes

I have been embroidering squares for a quilt / wall hanging. So far, the squares have all been taken from the medical notes of Elsie and myself, written from the outside perspective of the staff. Below I have introduced my own voice to the mix.  

This quilt is an attempt to make sense of my experience of psychosis and mania 11 years ago. I have included memories, quotes from Carl Jung and Viktor Frankl, and questions for Elsie. 

The title for the quilt will be Dry Wrap. In the 1890's there was a method of restraint called a 'dry wrap', where the patient would be confined to bed with tight sheets wrapped round them, preventing them from moving. There was also a 'wet wrap' where the sheets would be wet.

All that remains is to bring all the squares together into a whole.