Embroidered amulets

I wanted to make my own collection of amulets in response to those I found at the Wellcome Collection. Amulets are usually made to be kept close to the body and held by the person they are protecting, so I decided to embroider them onto fabric to make them tactile. 

A dog's tooth to protect against toothache
I labelled the pieces in the same way they were labelled by collectors, with details of where the amulet is from and what it is used for. 

Amulet against the evil eye
 Above is the amulet I described in the previous post - to the right of it is a turquoise hand which also protects against the evil eye.

'Cimaruta' Witches Charm 
Cimaruta is a silver charm from Italy which protects against the evil eye. It represents a sprig of rue, with magical symbols growing as its leaves, for example a fish and a moon and a hand.


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