My collection of amulets

During the course of my research into amulets at the Wellcome Collection, I came to realise that I already had several items at home that could be considered amulets. I gathered them together into an Oxo tin, and there is a strange sense of comfort from knowing I have them. 

L - R:

Acorns protect against lightning. They used to be hung next to windows as it was believed lightning entered the house through the window. Zeus the god of thunder lived in an oak tree, hence the acorns protect against lightning.

This ceramic circle is my personal amulet, I made from rolling a fern into clay. It is smooth and glazed on one side and rough on the other. I always carry it with me when I am anxious coming home at night and I find it calms me.

Bone elephant similar to one I saw at Pitt Rivers Museum, representing strength and femininity.

A doll's eye to ward off the evil eye.

A tiny domino I found in the Thames for luck in games.

A hag stone from the Thames that I wrapped in thread. Stones with holes in them were hung in stables to protect the horses from being ridden by witches or pixies.

A mother of pearl fish similar to a Egyptian fish which was pinned onto children's shoulders to prevent them from drowning.