Vinegar and brown paper

'Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water.Jack fell down and broke his crown,And Jill came tumbling after.
As fast as he could caper,
He went to bed to mend his head,
With vinegar and brown paper.'

The cage is woven with strips of calico soaked in vinegar. The bandages attempt to hold it together as rust is beginning to make the cage collapse.

There is a tension between a sense of support and a sense of entrapment. We are drawn closer to examine the bone, which is coated in gold to highlight its value. 

The cage was found in a skip in West Norwood and the bone was recovered from the Thames foreshore at Blackfriars.

Vinegar and Brown paper was exhibited as part of Fringe Arts Bath 2019 in the exhibition 'Fantastic and Strange'.