Art and value - research residency at Bethlem Gallery

What do you value about art? I'm currently researching the notion of art and value and making new work for an exhibition at Bethlem Gallery opening in June. At the moment I'm gathering ideas and information - below are pages from my research journal. 

I've been having a series of conversations with artists and curators about what they value in art, and will soon be approaching visitors to the gallery for their ideas too. So far the conversations have thrown up some really interesting themes. The value of your own instinctive response to the artwork, without external information - viewing art on your own terms. Art giving voice and visibility. Art on a personal level and art on a social level. And many more. 

I've been thinking about how we look at art and how we might see clearer and experience more deeply. As part of this I have been looking at people looking at art. Art can provoke so many emotions, from a sense of awe and elevation to frustration and irritation. All responses are valid and it's OK not to 'get' it.