What is art to you?

I've been making a series of riso-printed zines as part of my research residency and exhibition at Bethlem Gallery, 'Art and Value'. 

I asked visitors and artists at the gallery questions about what art means to them, I had a lot of  answers and squeezed them all into a zine, 'Does art change you?' Questions included 'Is art a luxury?', 'How does art make you feel physically?' and 'How long should you look at a painting for and does it matter?' People gave some amazing answers and they were pinned to the gallery wall. We had so many responses I'll be making volume 2.

I also asked people on twitter what art meant to them and made a zine with screenshots of their replies, 'What is art to you?' 

I also made a tiny zine 'How to experience art' aimed at visitors who don't engage with art much and tips for how look at /absorb art. 

On 6th July I ran a workshop at Bethlem Gallery about art and value and how to use a risograph printer, people made some fantastic posters. 

Photograph by Daniel Regan

Photograph by Daniel Regan