I have been experimenting further with soft sculpture. As an art form it is relatively young compared to stone or wood carving, it became popular in the 1960s. Working with fabric is often seen as a 'lower status' sculpture material - but it is ideal for my purposes as it is flexible, versatile and has many associations. I have been looking to artists Louise Bourgeois, Judith Scott and Eva Hesse for guidance. 

Whilst making this piece I thought a lot about the relationship of the sculpture's form to my body. I was holding it in my lap whilst I was stitching and the forms I was adding to it felt right under my hands. I stuffed it partially with my discarded clothing, which gives it an extra weight.  Using clothes raises ideas of identity for me - the external image I construct through clothing turned inward and hidden, put to practical use. I've been thinking of the making and sewing process as a kind of incubation.