This drawing explores our inner structures and connections, at a time when we are hyper aware of the vulnerability of our bodies. It is a macrocosm of our inner bodies, looking at the process of transmission and how each part flows into the next. 

I have worked from diagrams and microscope images, and have I ignored scale and mixed microscopic cells with larger organs. There are tunnels within the heart, the magnified structure of bones, capillaries, nerves, cells and other imagined shapes I've created, inspired by the body. 

I began this drawing a week before lockdown began and have been continuing with it since. Whilst working on it my mind has been trying to process the impact of the pandemic. 

I think of it as a kind of map fitting the pieces together and carrying one thread on from one page to the next. The drawing on 48 sheets of A3 paper, measuring in total 464 cm x 126 cm.