Making Investigations Toolkit: Installation in my garage

Making art is often an excuse to play - never more so than in lockdown. I decided to bind the garage, I was interested by the tools - a strimmer, a hosepipe, a leaf blower - which were hung up neatly like pictures in a gallery. I looped white wool from a ladder to the tools, creating a web. The lines crossed over each other in complex networks. I associate wool with knitting and crochet - women creating with their hands. I wanted to disrupt the usual view of a garage as a masculine space. I chose white to contrast with the accumulated grime of soil and grass cuttings. The binding was temporary - the making process was the important part and the final piece was cut down very soon after it was finished.

This was a research exercise for a toolkit I am writing with Bethlem Gallery, Making Investigations. Its suggests ways of working with found objects and binding space. The leaflets will be published early August 2020 and sent to artists who are isolated due to not having access to the internet. It will also be shared with people on the wards of Bethlem Royal Hospital, and with people who request a copy online. You from August you will be able to download a PDF or request a hard copy here.