Mental Health and Justice Commission: Florid

The term 'florid psychosis' describes when a person is experiencing reality differently to others, they struggle to distinguish between the real and the unreal. They may have hallucinations or delusions. Florid means 'flowering' - it describes when psychosis is full blown, in the same way that a flower is in full bloom. 

Florid can also mean 'red'. This fabric sculpture is weighed down and stuffed with my own clothes, my identity. It is then bound with strips of clothing from my family and friends, in the same way that Ulysses was bound to the mast by his men. Tearing the clothing into strips is a very satisfying process, and the binding of weaving of the strips together is comforting in a way. When I began making this  piece I imagined that it would be suspended from the ceiling, but as it came together I realised it was made to be held.