Mental Health and Justice Commission: In conversation with Sarah Carpenter

I recently had the pleasure of recording a conversation with artist researcher and friend, Sarah Carpenter. There are many crossovers between our research and it was incredibly illuminating to chat through ideas with Sarah and get her perspective. You can listen to our conversation on Sarah's website.

We discussed the complexities of advance directives, precedent autonomy and how to capture unquantifiable data.  It was fascinating to hear about Sarah's interest in the battle between words and images, deconstructing language and words as a visual tool. We also chat about the importance of artistic process vs. outcome.  

Sarah is currently working on a research project Reclaiming Agency: AI and Narrative Medicine, which asks the question how can the patient have more agency over their own narrative. Sarah is exploring ways to document narratives in meaningful ways, beyond tick boxes and forms, using AI to free clinicians to listen to their patients. 

Sarah and I are part of the Bethlem Artist Researcher Peer Group (BARP), which meets regularly to provide a space in which to share ideas, concepts and support.