Art and Justice: Hanging the exhibition

Selected pieces from my Mental Health and Justice commission are being shown in Art and Justice at Bethlem Gallery until November 2021. My work is being shown alongside work by other MHJ researchers Sarah Carpenter, Mark Titchner, OOMK press and Eve Loren. The exhibition explores ‘the challenges that arise at the complex interface where mental health and mental healthcare interact with principles of human rights’. It is about dialogues, between artist and researcher, artwork and viewer, person and their clinician.

I was invited to co-curate the exhibition with Michaela Ross, curator at Bethlem Gallery, and artist Sarah Carpenter.  Hanging the exhibition, we considered how the work all comes together in the gallery space, what it communicates and the new dialogues between the separate artworks that emerge. Hanging the shears from the ceiling next to a fabric piece means something new, which wasn’t there when they are viewed in isolation. The shears rotate in the air, and the shadows that they cast on the wall magnify their sense of threat.

We considered height, lighting and the rhythm of the works rising and falling as you follow them around the space. Cluster was hung up high, whilst the strings on Ulysses pact were reaching down. The practicalities of where to position nails and how to attach doweling to the gallery wall were solved by our technician, Mike.

Cluster was hung up high and at an angle, as suggested by Sarah. The sense of strangeness that it had whilst I was making it grew into a full sense of the uncanny in the gallery setting.

Please note that these are installation shots, further images of completed exhibition are coming soon.