Manchester Contemporary

From 19th - 21st November 2021 my work was shown at Manchester Contemporary art fair, with Bethlem Gallery. Massive thanks to them for showing my artwork, and all the work that went in from selecting work to transporting it there and hanging it, being on the stall and generally being amazing. It was such an experience to see my work in a broader context and alongside many other artists. It was great to have conversations with visitors and other artists about the Mental Health and Justice Project

On display were Knight's Move Thinking, Ulysses Pact and Cluster, all work from my Mental Health and Justice Commission. 

Photo courtesy of Bethlem Gallery

Also showing work in the Bethlem Gallery booth were David Beales and Barrington.

David says about his work: "I have been able to paint events from the hospital and from the supported houses and the community that has been my home since I left hospital. I decided to confront the issue of prejudice against the mentally ill by using informative illustration and captions to raise awareness of the problems confronting the mentally ill in the community.”

Work by David Beales

Barrington paints imagined worlds and surreal dreamlike spaces, partly inspired by his memories of growing up in Jamaica. Having been a musician for many years, more recently Barrington has been connecting his music with his painting. You can watch a video of Barrington's music on the Bethlem Gallery Youtube

Work by Barrington