Making investigations: Textiles


The third in my series of Making Investigations toolkits is now available to download for free from the Bethlem Gallery website: You can also request a printed copy. 

It gives prompts to explore the potential of working with textiles. It does not require embroidery stitches or complex patterns - much can be achieved with a basic running stitch. Working with fabric doesn’t necessarily demand sewing - it can be tied, taped or painted on. The toolkit is about play and experimentation, testing out new forms and finding new ways to communicate through textiles.

The toolkit showcases the work of two powerful and differing artists, Andew Omoding and Vince Laws. Andrew is an artist at Action Space in London, who has been artist in residence at the Camden Art Centre and the the Barbican Arts Group Trust. Vince Laws is a poet, artist, performer and campaigner. His DWP Deaths Make Me Sick series highlights for me the power of textiles when used in protest. 

You can download Making Investigations No. 1 Everything Including the Kitchen Sink and Making Investigations No. 2 Binding for free from the Bethlem Gallery website

With thanks to Sam Curtis, Curator at Bethlem Gallery, without who's design skills it would just be a Word document.