Mental Health and Justice Commission: Future Selves publication


When are we our true selves?

Is it when we are judged to be well, and have capacity to make decisions?

Should the right to make our own decisions ever be taken away?

Often people experiencing bipolar are told ‘You are not yourself’ - but who are we when we are not ourselves?

And where do our true selves go?

Future Selves presents accounts of discussions between people with experience of bipolar. It addresses issues raised by Advance Directives, a type of living will that enables you to make decisions about your healthcare in advance of becoming unwell, which would be binding should you lose capacity to make decisions. This publication interrogates themes of agency, control and care, and ultimately, our human rights. It forms part of the Mental Health and Justice Project, more details here. MHJ is a multi-disciplinary research initiative, addressing issues that arise at the complex interface where mental health and mental healthcare interact with principles of human rights.

The book was made in close collaboration with Charlie at @workform Samuel Curtis and Lucy Owen from @bethlemgallery Huge thanks to them, Wellcome and Maudsley Charity for funding the project.  And thank you everyone who contributed their stories and artworks to the book, it would be empty without you.

Future Selves is now available to buy from the Bethlem Gallery website

Image Courtesy of Work-form.